Free Music App for Android & iPhone without Ads

Hello Guys, Welcome back to our new blog article, where we will discuss about the best music app for you. In 2024, you can find lots of music apps in Play Store and app store where you can listen music for free but you have to listen to there irritating ads. So how to listen ad free music ? Don’t worry we have a solution for you. First of all we will discuss about the premium apps and what you get with subscription and without subscription and than we will show you the best free music app where you can listen the ad free music in your smartphone as well as pc.

Music Apps in India in 2024

  • Spotify
  • Gaana
  • JioSaavn
  • Amazon Prime Music
  • Hungama Play Music
  • Wynk Music
  • Youtube Music

Free Music Apps in 2024

There are lots of Music apps available in Google play store and app store. If you download them to listen music, they may ask to purchase for their subscription, where you have to pay for their monthly or yearly subscription and on the other hand if you use their free version, you will be irritated with their frequent ads while listening the music. So in this blog, we will suggest you the best free music apps where you won’t be irritated with their ads and you can enjoy while listening music.

First of all let’s talk about the best music apps available in India through which we can listen high quality music and these app have free and paid versions.


Spotify is one of the best music app to listen music. With Spotify you can play songs and listen to millions of playlists and podcasts. Listen to artists and albums you love, create playlists and enjoy music in Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, and many more global languages. Spotify have Free and Paid versions both, if you opt for Free version than you may be irritated with the annoying ads. You can download Spotify from Here.

In 2024, you cannot use any controls to repeat, pause, listen previous songs in Spotify. So it is very annoying to use spotify in 2024

Gaana App

Gaana is one of the best online music app to listen high quality music as they have the best song collection. Gaana is the one-stop music streaming, made in India app for all your music needs. Gaana offers you free, unlimited online access to all your favourite Hindi Songs, Bollywood Music, Regional Music, Bhajans & Mantra, Hanuman Chalisa, Aigiri Nandini, Podcast, lyrics & Video songs. You can download Gaana From Here.

Jio Saavn

Jio Saavn is another best premium music app which is available for Free for Jio Users. They have lots of music collection having exclusive music library of 8 crore songs. You can also set songs from JioSaavn as your JioTune (callertune) on your Jio number. JioSaavn also has India’s top podcasts hosted by star podcasters. If you are a Jio Customer, you should must try Jiosaavn music app from Here.

Hungama Music

Hungama Music app is the best music app of my choice as it have lots of premium features for Free. As like another apps you can listen millions of songs and music in this apps. Hungama Music app gives you your favourite artists, songs, & music videos all in one place. Listen to music online or download songs in all languages– wherever you are, whenever you wish. You can download the app by clicking here.

Resso Music

Resso is the name if you are searching for a music app. In Resso, you will get millions of Songs. Resso is the streaming app that lets you express yourself and connect with others through the songs you love and the hits you’ll soon discover. It is the Free music app where you will enjoy your favorite music at no cost. Resso gives you automated playlist of your personalized songs with its advance AI Features. You can download Resso from Here.

Free Music App without ads

Here is the list of Free Music Players without irritating ads

VI Music

Here’s the biggest player in the list. This is the music player you need to know about. You can call this app as the King of all other music app as it all the premium features for Free. You can listen music and all other premium contents of other music apps for Free and all this without any ads. With Black Hole you can listen high Quality Music and this have millions of songs and Playlists. You can listen music in your local language, such as Hindi, English, Punjabi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu Malayalam and all other languages. You can download the app from the download button below


Vi Music App Features

  • Youtube Premium Music – There are millions of songs, albums, playlists, and more on YouTube. The ViMusic Android app provides access to YT-Music premium content. Discover new music with it based on your preferences, genre, mood, artist.
  • AD-FREE – The most frustrating thing about playing music is the sudden addition of ads. The ViMusic app is completely ad-free, making for a great experience listening to music without any interruptions.
  • NO-Rooting – ViMusic app uses YouTube Music API which supports all Android phones without rooting. It does not require any modification to the device system which is risky and may harm your device. There is no risk in using the Vimusic app
  • Offline Music – ViMusic allows offline music listening, just download your favorite songs and listen when you don’t have internet. Make sure you have enough storage space for it.
  • Background Playback – Minimize the Vi Music app screen to enjoy uninterrupted music while using any other app. It allows you to play music in the background of your Android phone without any interruption.
  • Audio Optimization – You can customize the song music and audio levels as per your choice. You adjust the equalizer, filter, range, spread, bass, and more which can be tweaked to your own tune.
  • Android Auto – You can easily control ViMusic by voice commands or touch screen while driving using Android Auto with this app. Play, pause, shuffle, skip, repeat, and search songs on the ViMusic app with Android Auto.

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